The Joint search Committee (Update: Nov 2017)

On behalf of your Joint Search Committee, I want to give you an update on where we are in the process. We started last February, with a mandate from the Joint Needs Assessment Report, and with two Presbytery Reps as part of our Committee. The objective is to find a minister who will be a good, long term fit for our congregation.

Our first task was to develop a list of “must haves” and “wants” to be used as a yardstick to help us evaluate candidates who applied for the position. Since we advertised the position, we have had a total of 23 candidates apply – pretty amazing, don’t you think?   We compared the resumes and experience against our criteria, and chose to interview 10 of these people. Based on the interviews, we chose to visit 4 churches to hear the ministers preach. There were two which we were very interested in pursuing, but for different reasons we were not able to close the deal. As you know, Mississauga is a very expensive place to live, and living here does not suit everybody.

As of today, we are continuing the search. We know that it will take a special person to fill this position, and we trust that the Spirit will match us up with that person. I am sure you are as disappointed as we are that this process is taking a long time.  Just last week, our Committee received a message from the Pastoral Relations Committee of Presbytery.   They wanted us to know that there were a few churches in the not two far past, where the process took more than a year, but in the end they found the right person. They believe that the right Minister is out there for Eden, and in time we will find her/him. The Presbytery committee continues to hold our Joint Search Committee and our congregation in their prayers.

Our Joint Search Committee needs your continued support and prayers as we continue the journey. In the meantime, we are blessed to have Jackie with us until that Sunday when we can make an announcement recommending a new Minister for your approval.

Brian MacLean, Chair, Joint Search Committee.



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